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About Seaside Sound


Seaside Sound is a post-production sound and music composition studio in Victoria, BC, run by composer and sound designer David Parfit.

This is a holistic sound company.  Sound doesn’t arrive at our ears separated into Pro Tools tracks, it comes as interwoven pieces, combining to form a single experience.  Each element – be it a spoken word, or a violin run – is its own piece of music, described by pitch and timbre over time.   In creating and combining these musical elements, David bring awareness and knowledge of the whole soundscape and how it intertwines with the visual to fulfill the creator’s intentions.

Technically speaking, we provide original music, music production, and every step of the audio post-production process for all media (including film, broadcast TV, commercials, and interactive media), from the initial OMF/AAF ingest to the final mix. This includes dialog editing, sound design, sfx editing, foley, and mixing. We can deliver 5.1, LtRt, and stereo mixes and stems that conform to the delivery spec, be it for broadcast, the web, or the theatre.

Please visit http://www.davidparfit.com/ for music examples.

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(250) 507-2320