One-hour documentary for broadcast on Vision TV

The entire post sound for Eternity was completed at Seaside Sound and David also scored the show.

What, in our lives is eternal?  Is love? Music?  It’s a word we’ve all read and heard – in movies, songs, poetry and religious texts.  Familiar and yet… what does it really mean?

Ever since humanity became conscious that life on earth was finite, we have longed for and imagined the infinite:  eternal life.  But – is eternity a religious concept?  A scientific theory?  A state of being?  A way to describe time? Or a word best suited for the arts?

From a former Apollo 14 astronaut, to physicists, writers and religious scholars, “The Fantastic Logic of Eternity” explores the many interpretations and forms “eternity” can take.  The ideas are dazzling and provocative; the presenters thoughtful and entertaining.  It will get you thinking and keep you thinking well beyond the end credits…

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Produced by Asterisk Productions